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Want to do business in the USA but are not local, not a problem. Business Setup 360 provides services on business formation for S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), DBA Business Name Registration, or forming a partnership.

Welcome to the USA!

Business Corporation Types

S Corporations

An S corporation is a business entity that passes almost all finances through to its shareholders. These finances include income and losses, as well as tax deductions and credits. By passing all of these finances through to shareholders, S corporations are able to be taxed like a partnership but gain corporate perks.

C Corporations

A C corporation is similar to an S corporation, in that it can be a partnership, corporation, or LLC. A C corp is also privy to certain tax benefits, chief of which is that the profits of the company are taxed independently of the profits of the owners.


A limited liability company (LLC), also known as a limited liability corporation, is a business entity that prioritizes the separation of the people in the business and their personal liability. The LLC protects members from being financially responsible for damages.

Complete Office Setup

Virtual Office

We offer a range of Virtual Office plans to suit all business needs and budgets. Whether you’re just starting and want to create a professional image or looking to break into new markets, we can get you set up anywhere in the USA.

Phone Service

Enjoy a reliable USA-based phone system with excellent call quality and a cloud-based phone system to call anywhere in the USA. With over 50 features such as online meetings, team messaging, SMS, and more, connect anywhere, anytime with mobile and desktop applications.

Mail Service

Our mail service offers various options, including mail pickup, mail forwarding, and receive any mail on your behalf and forward to the desired location anywhere in the world.

Financial Services

Open Bank Account

We provide proven strategies and innovative checking account benefits to help you gain market share, enhance the customer experience, get paid, and increase your bottom line. We work with financial institutions across the country to build custom strategies to meet your needs for your business. Visit Insights by Regions for tools, tips and calculators to help you manage your money, save for your future, finance your needs, and track your spending.

PayPal & Stripe Accounts

We provide service to open a PayPal and Stripe account for your business and link them to the bank account. With PayPal and Stripe, signup is fast, easy, and secure. Use these services to pay and receive money quickly and safely. We can also send available money directly to your bank account by utilizing online banking for your convenience.

Tax Filing

We provide tax services with a professional tax preparer who is dedicated to meeting your specific business needs. This allows you to focus on the business while we take care of the tax preparation with tax experts for your business in the USA. So you can kick your feet up, and relax, you’ll get the service you need, the refund you’re entitled to, and the experience you deserve.

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