What is BizSetup 360?

Business Setup 360 is a consultancy firm where we provide a one-stop-shop for getting your business up and running in the USA. The services we provide are Business Formation, Virtual Office, Phone Service, Mail Service, Digital Marketing, and IT Solutions.

Can I sign-up to PayPal, Stripe, and other services like Amazon or eBay?

Business Setup 360 provides PayPal and Stripe, but if there is a service you do not see on our site, please contact us, and we can try to get it integrated.

What are the services I will have with the bank account?

The US bank account service is to be the median between you and your customers. All purchase orders (PO) will be made to you, but the money will go into the US bank account. From there, Business Setup 360 will initiate a transfer of such funds to your desired foreign bank account.

How will I get money from the US account to my foreign account?

A wire transfer from the US account to the foreign one will take place on a monthly basis. Additional transfers can be requested by the user or if the US bank account reaches a certain limit.

Where will my company incorporate?

It depends on the type of business you plan on opening and your end goals. For Fortune 500 companies, Delaware is a prime location due to its flexible corporate laws, judiciary and legal community, business-friendly government, customer-service-oriented staff of the Division of Corporations, and much more.

Another location for incorporation is Wyoming, which provides tax exemptions, privacy, limited liability, unlimited stock issuance, and much more.

Where ever the company is incorporated, Business Setup 360 will make sure it is the ideal location for your company. So it may take advantage of the benefits that are provided in that location.